Using Greenhouse / CloserIQ Integration

Once your Greenhouse integration is setup, you'll receive new candidates from CloserIQ directly in your Greenhouse account.

You'll want to update Stage information in Greenhouse and use CloserIQ to view profiles and communicate with our team. All Stage changes in Greenhouse will sync back to CloserIQ with a 5 minute delay.

From the Details tab in Greenhouse, you'll see CloserIQ candidates (Source will show Imported from CloserIQ). You can view their profile by clicking on the Portfolio Link.

Clicking on the Portfolio Link will take you directly to the candidate's CloserIQ profile.

Click on the Update in Greenhouse button to navigate back to their corresponding Greenhouse profile.


For each candidate we send the following (when available):

Basic Info: Name, cell phone, email, resume and candidate highlights from their Talent Advisor (under Activity Feed). 



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