Setting up integration with Workable

Workable Integration allows you to send candidates directly from CloserIQ to your Workable account.


1) To set up the integration, after inviting your Client Advisor to work on the specific job in Workable, find the unique job mailbox email address for the job you want to connect. The unique job mailbox email can be found in the Find Candidates section of the job editor.




2) Now on the CloserIQ platform, go to the “Jobs” tab, find the job you want to connect -> Workflow & Permissions tab -> Applicant Tracking System Integration section. Select "Workable" as the ATS, add your Client Advisor’s email address (or whichever email you invited to work on the job) in the “Account User (email)” field, and paste in the unique job mailbox email from above into the “JobPost Email Address” field.



3) On each candidate's application, you can now click "Send to Workable" to send the candidate resume and note from the Talent Advisor directly to your Workable account. 

If you prefer to have candidates automatically send on submission, ask your Client Advisor to enable that option. 




4) Our integration will send the candidate's resume and our talent advisor's notes to your Workable. You can view the notes in the first email on the candidate. 



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