Using Lever / CloserIQ Integration


Once your Lever integration is set up, you'll receive new candidates from CloserIQ directly in your Lever account.

What you can do in Lever:

  • Update applicant stage (this will be automatically synced to CloserIQ)
  • Reach out to candidates to schedule an interview

What you can do in CloserIQ:

  • View candidate's CloserIQ profile with performance metrics
  • Leave feedback or question for your CloserIQ client advisor

View CloserIQ Profile

Go to the Candidates tab inside your Lever account and choose the candidate you want to review.




Once you have chosen the candidate, you can find the CloserIQ profile at the right side (Please see screenshot below):




Clicking on the Portfolio Link will take you directly to the candidate's CloserIQ profile.

For each candidate we send the following (when available):

  • Name
  • Email
  • Cell Phone
  • Resume
  • LinkedIn
  • Photo
  • Custom Talent Advisory note on the candidate's relevant experience
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